Sunday, 10 September 2017

Same Blog But Different

So many things have changed in my life since I was last blogging.  And I am not talking about having a baby and doing those couple of random posts in 2016.  Since 2015 my life has changed significantly and my blog will be reflecting that.

To best honest, I have to say that I am not 100% happy with the way that I use to blog.  I use to follow a lot of other bloggers who posted every day of the week, even twice a day in some instances.  So, I got into the habit of blogging every single day.  My life isn't really that interesting, therefore, I use to blog about the most boring things.  I would blog every single Wednesday about what I ate for that day.  And then the posts about every single thing I did at the gym.  Yawn!

No more posts about what I ate in the day!
I don't plan on blogging like that anyone.  Firstly, I do not have time to blog every day.  I have a one year old, a house, two cats, a husband, a job and a life.  I simply do not have time.  And secondly, it is boring!  I want to blog about the important things to me.  I want posts of substance.  If anyone out there is reading this blog they will continue to read it if they like it, not just because I put a post up every day.  And some of the blogs that I follow where the blogger posts every single day are starting to become boring and full of sponsorship posts - I have no sponsors, so that isn't happening.

I have also changed my attitude towards health and fitness.  To be clear, I do not do the 12WBT (Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation) any more and nor will I ever do it again.  I will discuss this in a post in the future, but the 12WBT wasn't healthy for me and does not suit my lifestyle.

I am currently finding a balance with weights training and running, although I am favouring the running due to an up and coming 10km fun run at the Melbourne Marathon in October.  But I now understand that diet and weight loss is not just calories in versus calories out.  One calorie is not the same as another.  Protein, fats and carbohydrates are also important in losing weight, growing muscle and staying injury free.

Ah, yes, that brings me on to injuries.  I am now working as hard as I can to ensure that I stay injury free.  No more JFDI (Just Freaking Do It)!!  JFDI = Injuries!  Well, in my world it does.  It is now all about listening to my body and being gentle on it.  I am still working hard and pushing myself, otherwise I would just stay in the same place and never grow, but I am making sure I don't go from running 5km one day to 10km the next day because, you know, JFDI!!  Or squatting 40kg one day to 70kg the next.  I have to take my time and listen to what my body is telling me.  If something hurts or feels super uncomfortable it is then time to stop, rest and pull back a bit.

And no more JFDI
I also do have a heap of weight to lose.  I have baby weight plus all the other stuff I added on before I got pregnant.  But, I just plan to do it all sensibly and thankfully I have people in my corner who will help me do this correctly.  Of course, I have the wonderful B, but I also have my PT Ben from STCfit, who is amazing and you shall be hearing a lot about him.  He helps me stay injury free when I do weights training.  He has also educated me about diet and nutrition - he has been so helpful and really has changed my life.  I also have my new fabulous osteopath Kieren, who helps me with all the little niggles in my body.  And then I also have Sam Wood, but more about him later.

You may start to see that some of my old blog posts disappear - I will be deleting some of the boring posts.  I am not that person anymore.  But you will still get to hear about what goes on in my life, how my running, weights training and weight loss journey is going.  There will also be some reflection on being a mum, what I am struggling with and what I am succeeding at.

Hopefully you find my new direction interesting.  If not, that is cool with me.

You can also find me on Instagram - @lady_lou_in_runners . I do post on that nearly everyday.

Take care!

Lady Lou

So, I Had A Baby...

As the title suggests, I had my baby that I was talking/blogging about over a year ago.
And here she is.  Meet Katelyn!  She came in to the world on 1st August, 2016. One day I will do a post about her birth as there is a bit of a story, but for now you can just look at the beautiful baby that B and I created.

And then she grew up a bit:

And a bit more:

And then she finally got some hair

And that has basically been the last 12 months of my life.  I have become a mum and everything has changed.  I have had good times and bad times.  Many ups and downs.  But I wouldn't change it for the world.  Being a mum has made me a stronger woman.  When life gets hard, I have to just keep on moving as Katelyn needs me.  But it is so rewarding.  To see each milestone that Katelyn achieves makes me feel good as I have been able to help her get there.

And now I get to share some of it with you!

Take care!

Lady Lou

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Lady Lou Being Pregnant

I thought I would spend some time telling you a few bits and pieces about how my pregnancy has been going.  I like to think that I have had a reverse style of pregnancy, where it was very tough at the start but then got easier as time went on.  Sorry, but this post is long!  I was going to break it into two, but trimester 1 is so much longer than trimester 2 and 3, so there was no point breaking them up.  Thanks for taking the time to read it!

1st Trimester

I actually found out that I was pregnant very early on - just over 4 weeks to be exact!  The week I found out I had a few sneaky suspicions.  At the time I was training for the 5km event at City to Sea but I was finding my runs so incredibly hard - I was exhausted after running 1km, which really wasn't like me.  I did put it down to the fact that I had done a 9km obstacle course the previous weekend, but I knew something wasn't 100% right with me.

My friend and I after City 2 Sea.  Thankfully my run on the day was better than my training runs!
I ended up Googling my symptoms and being pregnant kept popping up.  Technically my period wasn't 'late' but I have PCOS (diagnosed after I got pregnant!), so I never really know when that time of the month is due.  But I had cramps and really sore breasts, plus all that fatigue.  I didn't think it was true and then eventually did a test... which came up positive.  I was completely shocked and I had no idea how I was going to tell B.  We were living at his parents place (we were building a new house at the time) and I was in the process of changing careers, applying for jobs and going to interviews.  It was pretty funny when I showed him the pregnancy test as he had no idea what the lines meant and looked at me all confused.  But when he finally understood he was really happy and excited!

I had a lot of cramping to begin with, which was terrible as all I wanted to do was lay in bed all day.  Due to the cramping I had to have a fair few ultrasounds to confirm that I was actually pregnant and the embryo had implanted itself into my uterus.  At my first ultrasound the sonographer told me that so far it was a chemical pregnancy and I still had a chance of miscarriage, which was also a concern that my GP had.  I ended up becoming convinced that I was going to have a miscarriage and started getting a little depressed.  I had another ultrasound at around 8 weeks where it was confirmed that I was 100% pregnant and a little person was growing inside of me.

My Bump at 8 weeks and it was fully confirmed that I was pregnant and didn't have a chemical pregnancy.

I already knew that my pregnancy was probably going to be okay as around 5-6 weeks I started to develop morning sickness.  Morning sickness is not the correct  name as it implies that being sick only happens in the morning and that it should all be over by lunch time.  That was not my case.  I ended up calling it all-day-and-all-night sickness.  For about 10 weeks I felt sick all the time and soon I was throwing up at random times of the day.  I was on anti-nausea medication that required me to take a table once every 8 hours.  It would provide mild relief for about 5 hours and then the wave of sickness would hit me and I could count down the minutes until I could take another tablet.  I ended up being prescribed anti-nausea tablets that they give to people going through chemotherapy! They worked like a treat but at $30 for 8 tables (I took one a day), they were not cheap!

12 weeks - when I could still see my feet!

December 22nd was the first appointment with my obstetrician and also the day that I came down with a nasty virus!  I had aches and pains, fever and chills, plus a nasty cough.  We were also in the process of moving into our house!  And lovely Melbourne was experiencing a little heat-wave, with the temperatures being in the very high 30 degrees.  Timing was perfect!  When you are pregnant your baby is basically a parasite and it sucks all the nutrients away from you.  Since I was nauseous all the time I wasn't eating too much and whatever I was consuming would go straight to the baby.  It took me a good month to get over this virus.  I was no help in moving house or in setting everything up.  B had time off over Christmas, which he spent unpacking and playing PlayStation, whilst I spent all my time in bed.  My cough was so bad that I ended up straining my ribs, which I thought was painful, until one night when I sneezed and cracked a rib!  That was super painful as it hurt to breathe and cough, two things which I couldn't stop doing.  It took me 6 weeks to recover from that injury!  I also spent very little time at the gym.

Trimester 2

My all-day-and-all-night sickness lingered on until I was around 16 weeks pregnant and then life got better.  I returned back to gym and was training with my trainer again, along with participating in clinical pilates.  I decided not to resume running as the break I had taken whilst being sick was very long and I didn't want to do anything to my body that could cause injury (see how much I have changed!!).  In addition, my obstetrician told me not to let my heart rate go over 140 beats per minute, which was hard not to do and made running very frustrating.  I did continue to go to RPM and Cycle classes, along with hanging out on my favourite cross-trainer at the gym.

Gym sessions - keeping an eye on my heart rate at all times!

I also started to get the dreaded heart-burn/acid reflux, which I hated with a passion.  Talk about a way to ruin your day!  I have to have Zantac on me at all times!  It is by my bed, in our kitchen and in every single bag I use!  I also had a couple of weeks where I had a sore lower back, which was super annoying, but thankfully it was short lived.

The one little issue that I have had is I get sore ribs on my right side of my body when I sit for too long.  The pain starts at the front, just under my right breast, and then the pain will eventually spread into my ribs in my back under my shoulder blade.  I also start to get a numbness in the skin under my right breast too.  It is not serious and has been linked to my pectus excavatum (and I will write about this later).  All I have to do is lay down or stand and the pain eventually goes away.

Towards the end of  my second trimester!

Trimester 3

This trimester has been pretty uneventful.  I find that as I progress with my pregnancy my body really has been adjusting to the change.  My back has been feeling fantastic, which I think is due to the hormones in my body loosening all of my joints and ligaments as it is getting ready for birth.  My hips, pelvis and back are forever cracking and popping, so I feel somewhat refreshed.  I have had a lot of fluid in my body, particularly in my feet, ankles, calves and left knee, so much so that my obstetrician and personal trainer are convinced that most of my weight gain during this pregnancy is fluid!  I have learnt that I need to put my feet up more, which isn't a bad thing.  But the fluid isn't painful, just annoying as I only have one pair of normal shoes I can wear and I am now down to one pair of runners.  On bad days my feet don't even fit in my slippers!

Trust me - there is a lot of fluid!

And of course, I have still been going to the gym too!  My program is very easy and nothing is too strenuous - it is all about keeping me moving and maintaining what I have.  I do 30 minutes of weights twice a week, plus 30 minutes of the stationary bike a couple of times a week.  I stopped doing RPM and Cycle as I found that keeping my heart rate down was making the sessions boring and I started to dread the class.  But I am not obsessed with exercise.  If I am too tired or sore, I don't exercise.  That being said, I do find spending time on the stationary bike helps reduce the fluid in my feet.  It also gives me an opportunity to read too!

At the moment I am starting to feel a little tired, so I am starting to take it a little easy.  But most people find it strange that I am out and about.  I like to go out as I get bored at home, plus I have plenty of time to be house-bound when the baby arrives.  

Me at 40 weeks and feeling really, really big!  Get this baby out now!!!

I am now 3 days overdue and it really doesn't look like this baby is going to come any time soon.  My bump still sits really high, I haven't dropped and I know that she is very happy in my small and cramped abdomen! Yesterday I was rattling baby toys to my belly and she was kicking away, so I was like "You should really come out and then you can see these toys and we can play with them!" but as usual, she didn't listen and still remains inside.

Take care!

Lady Lou